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Purchased 2 twin XL sets & one Twin Mattress (only)........

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    Posted by Jackie O from Fremont, CA on June 15, 2013

    Purchased 2 twin XL sets & one Twin Mattress (only)........
    Okay, here's the scoop from my perspective:

    The first twin XL set was purchased in June 2011 and delivered to a college kid's first apt. It has been moved three times (apt 1 to apt 2 and back to mom's for storage) - this set is in great condition and we have no complaints regarding it.

    The second twin XL set was purchased mid-Jan 2012 and delivered to my home. By the time Jan 2013 rolled around, I was getting worried. It is now June 2013 and the mattress has such definite sagging that is obvious even when the bed is made. So, obviously, I'm not happy with this set and am attempting to see if they will replace it or give me a partial credit towards another bed or something else in the store. The box spring even seems to give a bit when he is laying on the bed, but the mattress is like a soggy sponge.

    The twin regular mattress (Nov 2012) went onto a platform bed and is fantastic. In fact the kid who had the second (bad) set, relocated to this room and the platform bed in Nov. 2012 because he really doesn't like the set that he choose that was purchased in Jan. 2012. <I was just going to toss it, but I've decided to let them examine the set before making a decision.>

    I need to have a queen set delivered as a graduation (from college) gift and I was also thinking of replacing an existing queen set in my home, but as of now, I'm waiting to see how they handle the problem with the bad set before I commit one way or the other to any more purchases from this company.

    Just food for thought before you make a buying decision......or 3 like I did!

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