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Horrible experience

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
My wife and i wanted a new bed - we got it. salesperson was nice.
Horrible fulfillment of the order and customer service to follow up
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Posted by Matt S from Huntington Beach, CA on October 21, 2010

we bought a bed, mattress, and mattress pad. Linders gave us a delivery date possibility of the end of august. we were going to be out of town and opted for delivery september 10th. I took the day off of work to receive the product. They called late in the afternoon on the day prior and said they did not have the product but could deliver later. This really affected our schedule that we had worked to put in place. the bed came and it was terrible - slept really hot, was not comfortable like the one we experienced in showroom etc. I called to ask what could we do and they said NOTHING. that night we removed the special mattress pad they recommended. the bed really was different comfortable cool much better sleep (wahoo) it was all over a $90 mattress pad cover that they recommended. the next day when the customer service manager called me back, the first thing she asked was what kind of mattress pad cover we had because the manufacturer wanted to know. when i told her she said those were not recommended by the manufacturer. THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO RETURN IT! horrible customer service. will not do businees with them again. BUYER BEWARE!

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