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Posted by Aleesha from Connellsville, PA on November 17, 2014

I want to start off by saying... Sales associates are very nice because they have to be... And because they get paid on commission not because they want to be... And they showed this attitude toward me while I was trying to look around at Mt. Plesant Levins store ... This is not the store you want to go to every store has their own deals and the levins in greensburg treated me way better... The location in greensburg gave me a better deal and they send me offers all the time for more then 50% off their items... The only reason why I chose to shop at mt. was because it was closer and I only needed to purchase a stand... I will never make that mistake twice!!! I purchased a full living room set at the greensburg location for only $1200... I got 58% off and a 5 year warranty and no interest for 2yrs... The stand cost me $190 with only %20 off and a 29.99% interest rate... I may be paying more for this stand then I paid for my whole living room suit!!!!... Also I had a change of address on my account and they failed to change it so when they billed me I had a late payment because I never received a bill!!! Ouch!! I've never been late on any payment in my life I had very good credit till they messed up my credit for a late payment!!! So I contacted the management with my concerns and she told me that that is not their fault and I should have contacted the company not her!!! When they had no problem sending the bill to them but forgot about the address... 😠 I will never shop their again!! I hope this helped someone out on their decision for where to shop... I just wish someone would have took the time to write a review so I would have known before... :( now I'm in a whole heap of trouble because of this store...

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