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16 weeks to wait is too long.

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Posted by Jen from Medina, OH on April 21, 2018

I haven’t received my furniture yet but need to review the service at Levins. Placed a custom order in Dec 2017. 16 weeks later. Over 4 months and my furniture still isn’t here. We were quoted 4-6 weeks. We expected 6-8 weeks. Every time there was a delay you’d expect a call to update but none ever came. I would call them and get the run around. Their own customer care department in shock at how long we waited. It’ll be here in Feb. call back. No March. Call back no April. Then when it arrives at the store we still have to wait. Call and ask if maybe given how long we’ve awaited if we could be a priority , nope. Still waiting. This isn’t a small order. We spent over $3200. They have our money. We have no furniture. Won’t shop there again.

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