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My mom is 91 years old, she has had one hip replaced and ...

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Posted by Steve from Sheridan, IN on March 4, 2018

My mom is 91 years old, she has had one hip replaced and is awaiting a second hip replacement. She is an invalid, and is in constant pain. Although I have serious spinal issues, I am her 24/7 caregiver Knowing these circumstances, I am sure that every decent person would agree, that only the most heartless, unscrupulous business would rip us off, especially on something as important as mattresses. The first mattresses that we purchased from this store were defective, they buckled terribly, sleeping on a camel would have probably been more comfortable. We called them called them asking them to replace their defective mattresses, several days later they sent out a delivery driver who tromped all around our house with dirty, muddy shoes on (That happened during each of the three times their delivery drivers came to our home) to take photos of the bulging mattresses. Several days later we heard back from them, saying they would do an even exchange, while patting themselves on the back for doing such a good deed, replacing their defective mattresses that we had been tortured trying to sleep on. then they scammed us out of another $159, for their good deed even exchange. The new mattresses were worst than the first ones were, My mom and I both have to get into the middle of our mattresses to be able to tolerate sleeping on them at all, which is very hard to do for my mom. I have become almost too incapacitated to care for her, as the result of the damage these mattresses are creating.We called to find out what they were going to do about these two defective mattresses we are again being physically tortured with, it took them several business days to have the courtesy to return our call. Any reputable store would have immediately returned our money, and sent out their delivery drivers to get the defective mattresses.. These poor excuses for human beings said they would do nothing, which should be considered elderly abuse, for heartlessly scamming a 91 year old lady.

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