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Posted by Rene from Waterloo, IA on March 13, 2017

Buyer beware!! No refunds and only 30 days to try your mattress. That's not nearly enough time to know if it will work! Sales people lie and tell you you have more time than that and they don't tell you there is no refunds. All they care about is their commission! Many, many other companies will give you much more time to try your mattress before committing, and many other companies will refund your money!

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    Lebeda gives you a 730 customization guarantee. Meaning they can modify your bed to suit your needs within the 730 days. That's 2 years of "trying" your mattress. Lebeda strives to make all there customers happy with there bed.

    By: Anonymous on August 8, 2017

    Yes, but you fail to mention you charge $100 for shipping to and from the factory.
    We tried to return our mattress after 14days and they won’t take it back.

    By: Anonymous on January 12, 2018

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