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K& h"A"ted!

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Good
  • Service: Very poor
Appealing Furniture with good prices, Friendly Staff.
Owner!.. Timeliness of response, and OWNER!
Issue Resolution

Posted by Anak T from Fairfield, CA on July 24, 2012

Where to get started, I don't even know. I order a living room set for 1300. I night I discovered a hole in the back of the wedge. The following day I immediately called and reported this. The daughter of the owner stated she would have a replacement within 2 weeks. First Monday of week 3 I called and asked the status of my replacement wedge and she further stated that she "completely forgot". the following Tuesday the owner showed up at my house. My wife called me frantically and she put the owner on the phone, he said he will not be able to replace it because he's blaming me for it, even though I called the day after I discovered it! He came into my home and argued with me about how he didn't do it for an hour! Then he said he brought the floor model to replace it. I told him I'm not going to accept used furniture since every behind in Fairfield probably sat on it. Then we argued about how it's not used. Then we argued about him trying to demonstrate that it wasn't him buy him putting a box cutter to the couch. He said he was going to make a cut and if it matches with the current cut, that he would replace it. So I raised the B.S. flag. THEN he wanted me to go HALFSIES! on getting a new one. So I raised another B.S flag. I question whether this is even a legitimate business anymore. NO ONE comes into a strangers house and disrespects a man's wife then insults me by walking out, then driving off and calls themselves a legitimate business. For their sake I hope they read and reply to this review, because not only will I blacklist this "Store" from ever receiving business from Travis AFB (which most your business is from), I'm reporting this incident to the BBB (in hopes that you don't rip anymore people in Fairfield off), Furthermore, I will be hiring an attorney to seek legal actions. If I can give this place negative stars I would, they don't even deserve one.

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