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I wish there was an option of giving -5 stars.

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Posted by Abhishek from Richmond, BC on September 28, 2017

To say we had an extremely bad experience at JR Furniture is an understatement.
We recently bought some furniture from JR furniture in Richmond. To be exact we bought a queen sized bed and a bunk bed.
To begin with, we paid them in advance, but they gave us a hard time during delivery. They promised us they would pick up our old furniture; there as well they gave us a hard time. Even in the bunk bed, the storage pieces which they did show us at the store were missing. Moreover the manual they provided for assembling the furniture was wrong and absurd. They would not pick up our calls or hang up in between. Finally when they did pick up, they were very rude and even blunt with my wife, they were yelling at her without any manners to talk to a lady. We did not just talk to one person but three to four different people we talked to, none of them was ready to help us.
We went to their store again to talk about the entire ruckus. You would think at least the manager would be any better, but NO. He himself was very rude. We even gave him the option of exchanging and giving us other furniture instead of giving the storage which he didn’t have at that time. He was not ready to do that either. When we could not take any further we finally had to walk out of the store.
Ultimately we just put a charge back on our credit card for which the case is still going on.
It’s not just one person who was unprofessional there. They had a staff of 5-7 people plus the manager but they kept on blaming each other and no one was willing to take responsibility for their actions. The whole JR furniture is a crook system. They will take advantage of you. I can prove that they are a fraud. I would suggest everyone to not deal with them because they do not deliver what they promise. Forget the after sales service; they are no good at delivery itself. WWe highly recommend people to not to go there.
We just want to leave a strong message out here and spread it as much as possible.

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