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They are liars and thieves!!!

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Don't go into the store!
You don't go in they don't lie and cheat from you!
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Posted by Olivia M from Maple Ridge, BC on July 12, 2011

I just bought two leather sofas from JR Furniture and since one was in the showroom they delivered that one a week later and promised the other would be delivered within two weeks. First let me tell you that I asked the Sales man (Ram - Vancouver store) that I wanted two high grade leather sofas. So four weeks passes by and no calls for delivery for the second sofa. I called them, they were rude on the phone and told me that I needed to speak with their store manager Mel. I did, he said he would check the status of the sofa and call me back, one more week passes by and he never calls, so I call him back, again he said he would check and call me back and again he never calls back. I finally told him that this was getting me upset and I wanted a refund, he said "I will call you back in 5 min". He calls back in half hour and tells me that the sofa will be delivered the following week on Saturday, remember this is now 5 weeks later then the promised date of delivery. Saturday comes and no delivery, I call hm back and find out that he is not there. I call him back on Monday, he is still not there, I finally speak with him on Tuesday and he said that he meant that the sofa would be delivered on Thursday, I take the day off and again no sofa. This went on for four more times in which he promised me that the sofa was in the truck, I finally called the driver of the delivery truck and to my surprise my sofa was not there and was not going to be delivered. I decided to call the head office in Surrey and spoke with that store manager (Nick) and told him what happened and he tells me that it was a special order and it would take another three weeks for delivery, I lost it and told him I wanted a full refund, he was extremely rude and told me that they do not give refunds. I told him that I would get the media involved, they are members of the BBB so I would make a formal complaint and stand at their store doors and tell everyone that goes in what happened and that they are liars!!! He hangs up on me and not half hour later I get a call from JR in Vancouver and they tell me that I will get my refund back. So I start to shop around for another one to match this one or to get close enough, I bring a cushion from my sofa to try and match it and find out with Rob's Furniture that the sofa I bough is discontinued and they have the same model in a different shade of cream for $500.00 less than what I paid and the sales man at Rob's tells me that this is bonded leather not real leather and the sides of the sofa are vinyl. I lost money in this sale, have one sofa that I cannot match with the color and was treated very badly from their sales man and found out that they are liars. I strongly recommend that you run as far as possible and not shop there, they are a nightmare. I have since complained to the BBB and will continue to do so until I get some sort of satisfaction.

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    They are really the same as you said. I have the same situation. No refund. They just said no refund and never did a shipment. Don't buy anything from them. JR furniture is so bad. Even you paid your money, you can't get the sofa shipped.

    By: Anonymous on November 28, 2012

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