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Save your money and time!! Wish i had!!

  • Selection: Poor
  • Service: Very poor
Delivery Service
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Posted by sharon from Willard, MO on December 30, 2020

The salesperson talked a good talk but unable to deliver satisfaction after sale. Contacted several time with problem with mattress discomfort with increased back and hip pain for me and my spouse. As others have stated it became my problem due to having to transport to Joplin and was told nothing of this during purchase, I was told if any issues they would fix the problem(not true it was now my problem). The delivery was difficult for the delivery people and now they think I can get the mattress to Joplin when I was not made aware of this during my purchase. Still have mattress don't really know what to do with it?? and unable to sleep on mattress due to increasing pain in back and hip. The reason the mattress was purchased was due to having back pain and doctor suggested replacing mattress could help. He did not suggest Joplin mattress I made that mistake myself!!! Very unsatisfied customer!!!

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