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Could Not Be More Pleased/Happy With Our Swearingen

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Posted by Allen T from Springfield, MO on February 5, 2014

The mattress world is big. My wife and I set out one Saturday after doing our online research, in hopes of finding the perfect bed. Prices were much higher than we expected, and (being determined to not go into debt ,which is really what keeps us up at night) our set budget was not going to move. We had mapped out a few stores in Springfield to visit, and we made it one before we fell in love with The Swearingen. After laying on the bed for quite some time, we knew we had to leave the store to "shop around." Our salesman (August, I believe was his name), was pretty determined to not let us leave sighting the lack of return customers. My wife and I were hungry, wanted to look at online reviews and quite frankly didn't want to buy at the first place we shopped (this is kind of a rule of ours) so we left.

Before we left, August had offered us a fabulous deal on the bed that really made our lunch time decision much easier. We visited a couple other stores and tried some "comparable" beds and found nothing within the price range that we were hoping. Only one bed at another store (Simmons) even felt as good as the Swearingen and it was twice the price! We went back to Joplimo toward the end of the day and ordered the bed.

August was a great help, he was not pushy (until we tired to leave, but he knew we would be back to that deal) and he even upgraded us to the Forever Bed warranty they offer. After a few short minuets, we had ordered, paid for and signed our sleeping away to a Joplimo mattress.

The bed arrived at the store a week later (we didn't pay extra for delivery cause we are cheap like that), and was just as promised. Jared Swearingen was there to help us load the bed and gave us some tips and things we would notice once we got it home (1. the bed would be harder than show room model, but that was due to the cold on a VERY cold day, this as he said softened up before bed that night... 2. The smell of a memory foam mattress would be strong at first but after a month there is no smell to our bed at all)

I would highly recommend you visit Joplimo for your next mattress. The staff was very friendly and are 100% aware of every negative review they have received and were totally willing to answer questions about specific complaints we showed them online.

Shop local at Joplimo,and let me save you some time driving all over from store to store, laying on bed after bed. They are right when they tell you "You won't find a better mattress, at a better price, or a better warranty."

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