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Posted by Gene D from Palm Coast, FL on November 20, 2014

Miserable experience, pathetic and shameful customer service. My time with Hudson’s furniture store was disgusting, disrespectful, dishonest and unprofessional to say the least.
To make a long story short;
1st After arriving 3 hours late with my furniture, the delivery men broke the front door.
2nd Upon inspection of my furniture the dining room table and chairs had scuff marks, scratches, small chips in the wood and were filthy dirty, probably because they were not covered or protected for delivery.
3rd Upon further inspection of the dining chairs, 3 of them were not assembled correct and 1 was missing hardware.
4th After I refused to sign their paperwork stating everything was delivered and was in fine condition and because my wife did not get a chance to inspect the furniture because they were late with delivery and she had to leave. The delivery man called Hudson’s Store and I was threatened by a woman named Linda that if I did not sign the paperwork my furniture (which was paid in full) would be removed from my home and taken back to the warehouse until I did sign. So I simply did not let them back in my home and they left.
5th Before he left, the delivery man stated that my front door would be repaired and that I should hear back from Hudson’s in a day or two about the matter. After 3 days and no call from Hudson’s I called them and spoke with Cindy our sales rep. She said Hudson’s will fix my door.
6th After another 3 days of nothing I called Hudson’s Corporate office and was told that they will get someone to call me and set up the repair.
7th One week later and still nothing, so I called Hudson’s again and asked to speak with their unprofessional store manager Tim and again I was lied to and told basically the same thing, “someone will call to set up repair”.
8th Next I spoke with Scott, their delivery manager and again I was told the same sad thing. That he will get a repair man to call me and fix the problem.
9th Another week later and still, nothing!
Cindy did one follow up call to see if my door was repaired, but only because I asked her to do so, not of her own accord. Hudson’s furniture’s worthless store manager Tim did not give me any follow up calls, nor did Scott their so called delivery manager and the same for their corporate office, no follow up calls at all.
Inadequate customer service, but why should they care? They had my money and that is obviously all that they cared about. I finally repaired the chairs and the door myself at my own expense.
I am very sorry that we that we purchased furniture from Hudson’s furniture store in Ormond. If their other stores are anything at all like their store in Ormond it is strange how they stay in business. I would not recommend them at all to anyone. They are awful to deal with, dishonest liars, they are not what they claim to be, and they are not to be trusted. So, Buyers beware and buyers be warned.

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