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Horrible Customer Service

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
The funky smell and terrible customer service
Customer Service
Store Cleanliness

Posted by Brian from Massapequa, NY on February 6, 2018

Stay away from this horrible excuse for an appliance store. They are very nice when they are trying to get the sale but after that it’s all down hill. They will also over bill you for things that are supposed to be included in the price and then lie about and say it wasn’t included and bill you extra for it. Don’t expect any type of service either. Even though Jeff talks about how great his service is, it’s deplorable. Home appliance delivered a stove that was supposed to be brand new and cost almost $10,000 to my home that was scratched up and looked like it was a used product. I had to fight with Jeff for weeks to get it replaced and it was only when I called American Express and stopped the charge that he miraculously said Thermador was coming with a new stove. This would have never happened at a reputable place. Please learn a lesson from me and go to a reputable place like Best Buy or PC Richard and Son.

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