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Mattress Failure

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Posted by Donald from Montgomery, AL on August 1, 2019

Montgomery, Alabama : Bought a Sterns and Foster Mattress about a year and a half ago. It has developed a 1/2” ridge in the middle. I paid over $3,300 after tax which I consider expensive. My sales receipt also shows that the mattress came with the “Sterns and Foster Comfort Guarantee Warranty, Covered by Guardsman Gold Plan (10 yr warranty). I contacted your store about the problem. You sent a man out and he photographed and measured the ridge. Later we were contacted by Haverty’s and were advised that Sterns’ criteria was that the ridge had to be 1-1/2” before they would replace it. Haverty’s wouldn’t replace it either. The store rep. Told us that all mattresses developed a ridge. What? We weren’t told that when we purchased the mattress. I also filed a claim with Guardsman which was denied because they say that a ridge isn’t covered. The Stern’s and Foster mattress that I replaced with this one great. This one, not so much. We are done with Stern’s and Foster or Haverty’s for not standing behind their products.

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