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poor quality, and lied about merchandise

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Posted by Ann P from Hastings, NE on July 26, 2014

We bought a bed with brand name Restonic, we were told it was one of their best sellers, high quality pillow top. Within one month we called them to complain, the king size bed had sagged leaving holes, divits, where we each slept. You could not sleep in the middle sleeping in the center was a balancing act. When we bough the bed we were sold an expensive mattress cover being told if we had a problem with the bed and needed to return we could not return if we didn't purchase the cover. When we called and complained, first the salesman yelled at us and hung up on several times, told us he didn't have to honor the complaint, the once phone he was yelling and said he was trying to help an instore customer, my reaction was not nice, "well let me help them because I will tell them the truth!" He thought he had us when he was trying to off of the phone by saying "you can't return it unless you purchased the mattress cover" Me, "Yes I know that, and we did" So then he made up another reason, "you need to take a string hold it across the bed with a ruler next to it to prove the sinking is at least two inches" I told him that was NEVER anything explained to us, we were given a 10 year warranty on this bed, NO stipulations fo any sort other than the cover. HE INSISTED, and said he would do NOTHING until we took pictures and sent them to him, AND we have to wrap the bed in plastic and return it ourselves, which is a 70 mile round trip for us! I think he thought I wouldn't do either task and he would be off the hook. I took the dumb pics, then he took forever to contact us back, or return our phone calls, then he had to order another bed, etc. what a mess. We got another mattress, he would not exchange the box springs which squeaks like a dog toy, but he kept telling me it has to be the mattress. He was wrong! Within another month the second mattress is no different than the first one. I have made several attempts to contact him but the phone rings and rings with no answer. My next step is to work up wanting to drive to the store. What a mess! Do NOT buy a Restonic from Happy Mattress!

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