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Horrible customer service

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Customer Service

Posted by Jessica B from Johnson City, TN on December 15, 2012

My experiences were pretty good when going inside Grand until the day I wanted to make my last payment on my account. I went into the Bristol, VA location, and the front staff that always introduces you were super nice (as always). However, I go to the back area where where all financials are kept. Here is how my experience went, and this is in fact the WORST customer service experience I have ever had:
- I have to stand at the "help desk" for 5-7 minutes, while the person working that day, Marianne, wouldn't acknowledge I was there. I was tempted to leave; however, a manager steps out of his office, and asked if anyone has helped me. I said, "no, but I am just here to pay off my account." (a simple, simple task I have done multiple times, which would normally take 30sec.-1min.). The manager states, "Marianne here can help you."
- I step over and sit down at Marianne's desk, where yet again, she doesn't even greet me. She stares at her computer while stating, "it'll be just onnnneee minute." *type, type, type................................................."
- Minutes go by, and I'm tempted to leave again because I'm obviously not an important customer.
- Finally, she asks me how she can help me.
- I state, "I'm here to make my final payment on my account. I can never remember my account number, but the other ladies that have helped me before look my account up by phone number and then verify my account."
- Marianne, "Well, what's your name, and did you finance?"
- "I believe so, we came here in August for a mattress set and have been paying each month since."
- Marianne, "Hah, yes, that means you are financing." (this was extremely inappropriate, especially with her laugh. 1. How is this relevant, and 2. Is she trying to belittle me?)
- Marianne, "Did you purchase from this store, if so, what is your name, so that I can pull your file?
- "Yes, I bought from here, but I travel a lot for school and have made payments at multiple Grand locations, so each person I've dealt with before has always looked my account up by phone number."
- Marianne, "Ok, hold on one sec. while I pull your file." *Walks away to [i assume] a records room*
- Marianne, *returns* "No, I couldn't find that you purchased a mattress, let me look you up in the computer, what is your phone number?" (Seriously, what is this woman doing?) "Ok, I found you, what would you like to do today?"
- "I want to make my final payment." (screaming in my mind right now because I have years experience in secretarial work, and the way this woman is treating me is SO unprofessional).
- Marianne, "Do you have your invoice, or do you know your balance?"
- "No, my invoice is at home."
- Marianne, "I'm sorry, Grand employees cannot access your account balance if you financed, you need your invoice." (this I understood, but I am flabbergasted by her unwillingness to help me, instead just stating, "Sorry," with no solutions on what I could do while I was there in the store, and expecting me to accept her response and leave.
- She then asked me if there was anything else she could do, and I said, "no thank you, I'll go to a different store that will be willing to help me."

--- I am appalled by how unprofessional this professional experience should have occurred. My usual 30 sec.-1 min. experience lasted 20-30 minutes and resulted in simply wasting my time by an incompetent employee, not willing to help the people that make that business succeed. I went to Johnson City, TN's store, where every single person were delighted to help me in any way they could. I can honestly say that I do not know that I will ever purchase from Grand again. There are other furniture stores nearby that would be so willing to help customers in a professional manner.

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