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  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Natalie from Metamora, MI on February 18, 2020

Horrible horrible store. I buy a mattress with boxspring and frame from them. I bought all they were up selling to protect the mattress and myself if the mattress was faulty. less then a year later there is a hugh indentation in the mattress. They gave us attitude when trying to get it replaced. got the run around for almost 2 months. When they did come out they say the tag is missing so there is nothing they can do. even though we purchased the protection. I have 3 other mattresses all bought from Art Van. one is 13 plus years old. All three have tags on them, I checked.When I called, they new my info with out me telling them. Caller ID I'm sure. When I was telling them that one the phone. the lady started yelling at me telling me I took off the tag and that was against the law. what a joke. I hung up and when I tried to call again 3 times one my phone and once on my home phone it would just ring and ring. What a scam they are running. If you do buy from them do not buy protection of ANY kind because they will not fulfill there promises.

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