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Very dissatisfied

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Issue Resolution

Posted by Audrey on January 25, 2018

We bought a full house of furniture at Furnitureland South. This included three bedroom sets and mattresses. Our king size mattress is splitting down the middle. We paid about $2000. A $2000 mattress should last at least ten years. This one is actually breaking in half. Upon complaints to Furnitureland South an inspector was sent to my home. His report stated the center post was set too high and thus caused the problem. Furnitureland South set up my bedroom set so they should be responsible. They refused to replace the mattress stating I have had it for eight years. I am a snowbird in Florida and only used this mattress about four months a year. Even so a mattress that costs $2000 should hold up for many more years. Supervisor at Furnitureland South even accused me of readjusting or moving the bed. She was arrogant and nasty concerning my complaint. They would not take responsibility. Very disappointing. I will never purchase furniture from them again. Buyer beware!!!

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