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Avoid at al costs

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service
Delivery Speed

Posted by Kris from Sneads Ferry, NC on February 24, 2021

I purchased a bedroom set at the Bellfork Rd. Furniture Fair in Jacksonville in October and was told the bed would get to me in 4-6 weeks. I called about a month later, and was told it was late because of the pandemic. The girl was so rude. I was called a month after that and was told that it would be arriving in a few weeks, and I would be 1st in line for the bed. I never heard back after that, so I called to follow up and was told that someone else got the bed because I was actually 2nd in line. It ended up being well over 12 weeks, with no bed. I asked for a discount on delivery, and I was turned down. The only offer I got was to cancel the bed for a refund. I already had 2 matching dressers at home, so why would I want to go out and get a bed that doesn't match the rest of my furniture? I reached out to another Furniture Fair in Wilmington to ask if the bed was in stock there, and they told me they share the same warehouse with this one, and it had been in stock for weeks! So my bed had just been sitting there for who knows how long. Nobody in customer service cared at all – they just kept repeating “there’s a pandemic, hun.” I finally picked the bed up, and walked in to hear the manager cussing and trash-talking a customer with another employee. I will never ever shop here or recommend this place again. If you MUST visit Furniture Fair, go to Wilmington! Their customer service was way better.

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