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Didn't give us the support beams for a bed

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Cheap furniture
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Posted by Amanda S from Chula Vista, CA on May 21, 2010

We purchased a bunkbed from this company. First they sent us home with the wrong bed. Then they told us the color we originally purchased was out of stock but we could get another color. We waited two to three weeks to put the bed together. When we put it together I realized we only had one support beam, we were suppossed to have eight. We returned to the store and asked for the other beams, they told us they would get them (Joey told us he would get them). However, nobody ever called us. Took us two weeks and they tried to make up various stories as to why we couldn't get them. Then they told us to come in after 4. When we got there they went in the back and looked for wood they could cut to make the support beams. In the end they gave us four, so now we have five. The four they gave us do not fit. I asked about the other three and they refused. I told them I paid for the bed and want the beams. He told me that they can try to get them. When pressed for a timeline he through out three weeks after being VERY rude. So they are asking me to wait five weeks for support beams. Incredibly rude service. Made us wait for thirty minutes while he cut beams that don't fit. They don't stand by their service. Save yourself a headache and go to Walmart. Quality may not be great but at least they know what customer service is.

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