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Rude Secretary Running the Business

  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Raghdaa from Brampton, ON on December 12, 2020

Owner very respectable, but his only problem was hiring the rudest secretary in history.

She is absolutely distespectful and doesnt realize it is the customers' money that pays her wage, and when she runs her mouth at customers the business will lose a lot!

We placed a sofa order 6 months ago and now that the order has finally arrived, the secretary decided to deduct a trolley from the order. This is absolutely unacceptable as I have an invoice from them with the full order and this invoice is a legal contract that they have to fulfill as agreed!

We have been customers for 3+ years and we refer all our family and friends, but I guess that is no more...

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