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Worst furniture experience to date

  • Service: Very poor
Delivery Service
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Posted by Maynard L from Bowmanville, ON on June 17, 2020

I would give a minus rating if I could.

I regret ordering a sectional couch from this company online. Next week it will be 2 months we have been waiting. My wife and I had no issues waiting, it's what came up during the delivery process that showed the character of this company and the management.

Throughout the waiting process there were no phone calls l, not even to let us know it had arrived to set up a delivery date. I called June 10th and had booked delivery for June 12th.

On June 11th I received a call to confirm deliver on June 12th between 2-6 p.m.

On June 12th I left work 2 hours early so I could be home for the delivery and missed out on $70 pay.

Based on the delivery information, my wife and I sold our old couch on June 11th so we had the room for the new one.

On June 12th I was waiting from 2-6 until my wife and I called to see when we can expect delivery. We were informed there was a mistake and they had booked our delivery for June 13th. I live in Bowmanville and they only deliver out this way at certain times and was informed they couldn't deliver the couch until June 17th.

My 4.5 month pregnant wife and I have been sitting on the floor for the past 5 days as it is on our main floor and have a smaller home.

I called and talked to the manager Joe and explained everything and he informed me he would call me back and see what he can do as compensation. I did get a notification of a refund for the delivery which was $56. What about the hardship on my pregnant wife? What about my lost wages? For the last 3 days I haven't received any call from Joe and have called 3 times to speak to him. They ask for your name before they transfer you, so one time he was with someone, the other was he was in a meeting, and the other he wasn't in. Clearly dodging my calls.

I am sitting on my deck at the time of writing this and waiting for my couch still. I would have cancelled in a heartbeat if my pregnant wife didn't have to sit on the floor, but we are stuck at this point. I won't stop calling until I spea

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