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how they lost a $1500 sale in under 60 seconds

  • Selection: Poor

Posted by john from Phoenix, AZ on July 16, 2018

AVOID!! this place sets the pace for the demise of brick and mortar stores. I walk in today to casually look at beds. After a few seconds in the store I see the area that I want to explore. At that point, a sales lady yells to me from about 30 yards away (it's a big store). Not even hearing what was said I glance over almost surprised that I was able to spot the person all the way across the store. I hear her yell again...rather than have to shout across the store I simply say "I'm fine-thanks"...Once I get to my area of interest, I hear her again...this time from "only" 10 yards away. When asked if she can help me w/some information about the beds I replied "sure". She then says maybe its a good idea if she doesn't help me because it seems I have an attitude! Because I said "sure"? Because maybe she should have been professional enough to actually walk across the store to approach me rather than force me to yell across the store when I could not even hear what she was saying? She needs a new career and this place should not be in business. I have read other similar reviews. This place can only fail...

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