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I bought my bed from the closed Raleigh store May of 2016...

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor

Posted by Loraine from Knightdale, NC on April 1, 2019

I bought my bed from the closed Raleigh store May of 2016 I explained to the sales person that I would be paying for my bed in three payments and didn't need the bed to be financed I also explained to her that I didn't have a laptop or access to one in the time frame I needed to make sure it wasn't financed, the young lady stated she would go ahead and set it for me not to be financed. then I noticed that I was having a certain amt taken out of my account monthly and was not the amt quoted and agreed upon. I called the finance company and they explained that I didn't change the pymnt agreement in the time frame so therefore it was financed and I could either stop pymnts and they come get the bed or continue paying the full amt twice the amt of the bed . The bed was comfortable but now the edges sag when you sit on it. I was told this was a great and popular bed (the Lumina) and last many years YEAH RIGHT this bed will NOT last me another 4 yrs but yet it has a 10 or 20 yr warranty. what is the warranty on the bed covering? the structure of the bed isn't standing up to the so called quality. FREDS BED IS A RIP OFF AND PREY ON PEOPLE. YOU SHOULD BE SHAME OF YOURSELF FOR THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR SELLING PRACTICES

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