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In April 2021 they didn’t offer delivery, so I had to pic...

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Posted by Kimberly from Forest City, NC on February 24, 2022

In April 2021 they didn’t offer delivery, so I had to pickup the items on my own (due to Covid), from day one the couch looked weird at the bottom have many pictures to prove it also, but I made a complaint because it wasn’t just me noticing it. I was told that because of being a bigger person an sitting on the couch I broke the frame. An that the use of the couch was “to much” because the middle seat looks new, (it is very uncomfortable).

Finally after hearing the manager fat shame me on the phone she told me to take the store model, (no thank you).
Then got mad because they had to order a new couch under warranty, an I was told she’s giving up a lot.

The warranty per the manufacture is limited lifetime.

(Already sent pictures to manufacture & farmers corporate).

Just a sad world we live in, I guess if your not 125 pounds you can’t sit on a couch because you’ll damage it.

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