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Posted by Marisa M from Norwalk, CT on June 10, 2013

On February 16, 2012 I purchased a Sealy Arrondale mattress set from Fair Furniture and was informed that I had a 20 year warranty and if I had any issues within that time I was to contact the store directly. Recently I have noticed that the integrity of the box spring has been compromised and that the mattress is beginning to sink in. I attempted to contact the retail store and was told that I had to come in and speak to them in person. On June 8, 2013, my husband went to the store and spoke with 2 salesmen as well as the store manager where they proceeded to laugh in his face and then walked away from him leaving him standing at the sales counter. Upon reaching home we located the original receipt called to store back with the requested receipt number and was told to return to the store. On June 10, 2013, my husband returned with the receipt as well as documentation from Sealy stating that we were to contact the retail store to honor the warranty unless they were no longer accessible and then and only then do we contact Sealy directly. One Fair furniture representative told us that we would be charged for them inspecting the mattress as well as for the replacement, then another told us that they did not handle the warranty and that once they sold the product it was no longer their problem, another representative told us that because the mattress was on sale, their was not warranty, and then the salesperson told us that the 3 minutes of time that we were allotted to speak with them was up and he proceeded to walk away yet again. Stores like Fair Furniture are the reason why small local businesses are not trusted and cause consumers to never think twice about going to big box stores. This store is run by thieves that do not care anything about their customers. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

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