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Customer Service Dissatisfaction with product and services.

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Marie S from Kimberly, ID on November 3, 2017

The sales person was pleasant and convincing so I bought a mattress and box spring, mattress protector, pillows and almost even the bedding. All was good until the bed delivered had huge fluid stains even though it came in a sealed bag, driver immediately called store was advise to use bed with the mattress protector and a new one would be delivered which it did a 1wk later. The pillows were on back ordered so picked up couple days later. Used one night and were awful tried taking back to store the next day and come to find out they are not returnable or exchangeable. The worst pillows ever and paid a lot for them. Spoke with another sales person and his advise was I should have read the paperwork I signed and that he had the same pillows and I needed to continue to use them and work out the kink in my neck and there was nothing they can do because it was common for most small local business not to return used product. I which the 1st sales person would have relaid that important information up front before you convince customers to buy your pillows. I would not have purchased something I paid a lot for if there is no refunds or exchanges. The mattress is returnable as long as u buy their mattress protector and that was informed to me very well but not the pillows. So we got our new bed and the interesting thing is that after sleeping on the 1st one for one week and the new one for 1 night there is a huge difference. The 1st one felt more broken in softer. The 2nd one feels more firm and tight. Makes me wonder if I was given a used bed the 1st time? I was not please with my experienced there. The only thing the 2nd sales person could offer me was a call back from the original sales person later that day. It's been 3 days later no call no options. I guaranteed I will never go back there again. I paid a lot for their product but the bad experience I received leaves me questioning their product? Are we receiving new or used product? Theses are my opinions based on my experience. Good Luck to the next customer.

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    This place is the worst! Their products are low quality and the customer service is awful if you have a problem after purchase. I would go anywhere else!

    By: N S of Twin Falls, ID on June 5, 2018

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