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Stay Away!!!

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Juan from Houston, TX on January 18, 2021

By far the worst shopping experience and customer service I've had to deal with. Everything went smooth when it came to charging my credit card funny enough though. The furniture I purchased was sold to another person before i could pick it up and the manager acted like it was not a big deal that I would have to wait for another month to receive it. If that wasn't bad enough I was also told I could just purchase the display chair for a 20$ discount, during this whole covid situation (talk about insulting). Now the day in which both my chairs are supposed to be delivered I called to verify everything was ok, I'm told that I will only be receiving one chair and I will have to wait another month for the rest of my items. In addition to this, again the management acted as if it was no big deal and instead refused to apologize or offer anything for the inconvenience.
I hope anyone who reads this takes it as a warning and decides to spend their hard earned money somewhere else. This company lacks integrity and is unworthy of anybody's time or money.

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