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Definitely feels like sleeping in a cloud!!!!

    Posted by Jamie from Chicago, IL on June 4, 2018

    I have tried several different mattresses in the last 6 months and this was the very first that actually made a difference. It is so so so so comfy. It really is as they describe it like sleeping on a cliud. It is hard to describe because it is very firm yet molds just perfectly to your body
    I wanted a firm matress and felt it to be firm and my husband thought this felt very soft. I have been having back issues for years as I stand all day at work and then just had a baby and the pain for having to carry him around was unbarable. I'm also 41. I absolutely LOVE this matress however I sadly am returning it for that it sleeps extremely hot. They told me to not sleep with a matress cover which I tried and still sleeps hot. As i said I'm 41 and started thinking I was going through menopause waking up several times a night dripping with sweat. I'm very very sad I have to return it as I have found this one to be the absolute most comfortable matress I have ever slept on. My husband didn't want to say anything to me cause he was frustrated with how picky I am and says he could sleep on anything then one day he said he now understood why all mattresses are not the same as he had also been sleeping very hot. I think my cats were as well. Would get off the bed and feel heat from where they lay. So I'm not entirely sure how to rate this matress. If you don't mind the warmth it will after sleeping for a few hours then it it is the perfect matress. Very hot tho.

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