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Posted by David from Mebane, NC on November 13, 2020

On August 1, 2020 my wife and I bought two Wall Hugger recliners but they only had the floor model and may have had one in the back but couldn't find it. They told us they had some on order that were to arrive in 3 weeks. In anticipation of our recliners coming, we got rid of our old recliners before the arrival date. We did not hear from them on the delivery date so we called to see what was going on and was told they had to push it out until Oct 1. While we were talking he said he thought they had one in the back and this time he was able to find it. So we went to pick it up with the expectation the other one would arrive later in October. That day came and went, and when called to see what was up again was told it was pushed to November 25th. I called again November 13 and was told they once again had to push it out to January 2021 and was told that they may not get the item in ever. You can see this story is one sided, that we did all customer service and seems to me once they get your money they forget you. We suggested additional discount or credit to make things right but they were not hearing it. Also we asked them to take the one recliner back since we bought it with intention of it being a pair but they were not doing that either. John told us "that's just business". So much for making it right for your customer. If you are in the market for any furniture I would avoid this place like Covid-19 unless they are going to deliver your order in its entirety and you are physically looking at it in the store. I was filing fraud charges with the NC Attorney General but my wife talked me out of that, so I will spread the truth everywhere else. Buyer beware.

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