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Refund Checks BOUNCED!!!!!!!

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Posted by Jacqueline from Rio Rancho, NM on September 27, 2018

We just got in our mail refund checks.

WARNING!!!! 2 Refund Checks from Furniture Row, BOUNCED!!! They were NO GOOD. (no expiration dates & no letter attached)

Our bank charged a $29 fee for each check. Totaling $58.00 negative to our account.

After communicating with 3 people, (2 from the Denver Corporate Office)

The resolution is;
The checks are old & possibly were lost by the Post Office. (not true, envelope had current postmark)
It is not their fault.

If you are promised a Refund Check,
1. Don't expect it on time & without effort on your part chasing it down for months.
2. If you do get a check, call the number on the check and make sure it is a good check. Still, good Luck with that.....

We will NEVER do business with this company again.
We will tell & share our experience with everyone.

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