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Posted by Cindy from Raleigh, NC on October 6, 2020

I purchased a Sealy set online from here trying to save $500 from buying locally. Huge mistake. It was indicated as shipped after 3 days. After a couple of weeks I called to check on it- due to shortage of materials it is delayed at the factory, which I can understand. Mind you- this was indicated as having shipped from day three. One week delay turned into three, then four. I then asked for a substitution, a very nice customer service lady called me back to arrange this, and they agreed to a very generous comp. I was assured the product was in stock at heir warehouse in FL. I was provided a shipping number (I had to call back for that). The origin says their shipping dept in Orlando. A week goes by-delivery date says pending and there is no further tracking information. I email customer service and the reply says it is shipping directly from manufacturer to ensure fast delivery and the shipping carrier has been delayed with scanning a couple of days. If so- why is my shipping number indicating Orlando? This mattress from what I can figure out is made in Utah. This sounds like a tall tale to shut up a customer. It has now been 7 weeks and I have no mattress. I was assured my substitute would be shipped out wed. 9/30. It is now 10/6 and I have a tracking number that essentially shows a package that has never moved. If it is even a legit shipping number. I was handled by very kind people on the phone who are dealing with things beyond their control, but this is totally unacceptable. I was not satisfied by the email response I received.

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