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If you like being accosted...

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Very poor
It was close to home...
Wife of Owner - Customer Service
Customer Service
Sales Pressure

Posted by Mag P from Terre Haute, IN on August 29, 2011

Be careful going into this store. The wife of the owner/sales woman apparently runs the store as a dictatorship and treats customers as captives there for her pleasure. After explaining that we would just like to browse, she followed us around giving us the entire life history of every piece we glanced at often interrupting my husband or me to do so. If we kept talking after she interrupted, she would talk over us. At one point my husband was looking at a dresser and accidentally pulled a drawer out because it was half the length it should have been based on the depth of the dresser. Turns out, there was a secret drawer behind it and therefore it had no catch like it should have. The sales lady got very snotty with us, telling us to just set the drawer down and she would put it back. After walking away from her several times trying to show our interest in being left alone, my husband was yet again interrupted by her. He turned to her and tried to start to explain that we would really like to just browse by ourselves for a bit. However as soon as the word alone left his lips, she interrupted again with a ten minute tirade about how impolite we were being. She lectured us like a 1st grade teacher on a power trip yelling at naughty students caught chatting. She told us how "her customer's" were supposed to behave and how they returned over and over again for her help. Apparently we were only allowed to touch or test the furniture if we specifically asked permission for each piece and had already decided to buy it, despite the numerous signs everywhere saying "please touch" or "try this out". I have never liked the bullying sales technique and I would rather drive to Indy than return here for anything.

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