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Posted by Sherri from Dayton, OH on September 24, 2014

Very nice people.....accommodated me in picking up my used mattress, waived the delivery fee....and ordered mattress quickly. Unfortunately the mattress I purchased is hurting my back tremendously and they will not take it back. They said it was a firm mattress....but when my back pain increased-I researched it and it states it's a medium soft mattress--thus the lack of support. So I have to sleep on the couch, sell the mattress outright and purchase from another store that will work with me when there is a problem. It was not the mattress I expected.

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Update: One of the owners called and indicated the Restonic manufacturer would take back the mattress and allow me to purchase another-if I will keep this one for 30 days. Although I don't look forward to more sleepless night on this mattress--I'm pleased at the outcome--and look forward to purchasing a new bed.

By: Sherri of Dayton, OH on September 30, 2014

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