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  • Service: Very poor
The constant lies and fact my furniture is 4 months behind schedule with no answers
Customer Service

Posted by Aidan from Jamestown, NC on December 18, 2020

Four months in and still don't have a complete bedroom set that was paid for in advance. Were told it may take a little longer with covid, 4-6 weeks. Started checking in for an ETA after about a month and just got an idk, no firm dates. At 6 weeks a manager told me they tell everybody 2 months and not to call back until then. I wasn't told 8 weeks and she admitted hearing that from other customers. The invoice actually had the delivery date at 3 weeks. Was given 3 firm dates after the 8 weeks but all have passed. Been told it wasn't ordered, it was discontinued and it came in damaged. It's always a different story and management avoids the phone. Three pieces of my order did trickle in separately and even though we paid for delivery they said that only covered one delivery so we would still be waiting for what we have if we hadn't borrowed a truck and made a trip each time something came in. Really would encourage anybody to avoid the headaches and shop with somebody that cares about the customer. I'm stuck with half a bedroom set and no answers. I do have to say Holly the head cashier has been very helpful now that she's in the loop and the guys in the warehouse are very friendly and helpful as well.

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