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Poor quality product and no regard for customer satisfaction

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Posted by Monica from Stuart, FL on July 13, 2014

My husband is a disabled Veteran and we saved for months and months to purchase a comfortable mattress and boxspring for us. We finally decided to purchase a City Furniture mattress and asked if the foam construction ever "break down". We were assured it would not. IT DID. This mattress is so uncomfortable that we are in pain every night sleeping (or not sleeping I should say) on it. They sent someone to inspect it and because of a dime size spot on the mattress they will not replace it. Because I was not financially able to purchase all of the inflated "extras" that they tried to sell me, they are using that to disregard us and not take care of the obviously defective product. It is a shame that this company has no regard for the happiness of the customer and is ignoring me completely. I am not asking for anything more than I deserve. What my husband deserves is the respect of at least a reply. Shame on you City Furniture!

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    I agree with Monica we have purchased bedrooms from them and had problems took months to get a response ! And hours on the phone!

    By: Anonymous on June 24, 2020

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