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Posted by Anna from Santa Maria, CA on March 17, 2014

We unfortunately got stuck with a salesperson who's bottom line was the almighty $. Made us feel that price was our main concern over a good quality bed. As it turned out we over paid for a mattress which we had to exchange and then ended up paying even more for a mattress that we cannot sleep in as they only allow one comfort exchange. We purchased the IComfort Accumen which is so uncomfortable. This store states that the prices are set by manufacture but other stores offered all kinds of free incentives. I will never purchase a bed from a mattress store again, way over priced. Am now sleeping in a cheap bed that I believe we purchased from a Big Lot for our spare room. It is heaven compared to the IComfort Accumen.

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How long did you test the acumen in the store before upgrading? It doesn't sound like this retailer did anything wrong with exception of not having incentives like pillows or sheets.

The Acumen is a really good mattress. If you have not slept on memory foam before, I strongly recommend giving it more time to see if you adjust to it.

By: Andrew Schlesser of Myrtle Beach, SC on April 1, 2014

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