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Bought a matress, lucky to get it exchanged after 5 months

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Overall Value

Posted by Mohammed from Montreal, QC on March 8, 2018

My parents bought a mattress from them in November of 2017 and after a month in December they realized that the mattress had sunk. Since I'm young, I suppose I still don't know what having back pain and body aches are like but I still do hear how my parents are suffering because of their poor quality mattress.

They immediately called customer support, sent pictures and even had a "technician" come to get the mattress checked. If you ever looked at other reviews about their poor customer service, everything is true! So for months on end my parents were unwilling to let go of this scam. They paid 1400$ with tax on this mattress so we would expect that they got what they paid for. However, that's all a bogus. Only in March of 2018 do they finally have a chance to get a new mattress of the same model or exchange (for a cheaper one). If you want to lose your savings on garbage and like feeling like a loser then by all means go ahead to B+M and buy poor quality goods at expensive prices without the worry of ever being reimbursed getting an exchange much less having a decent call to the customer rep because they'll bring over a "technician" to sound fancy and is being paid to side with the company!!

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