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Save your money and time, dont go there

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Sorry to say but, couldn't find any.
Biggest mistake I made by purchasing mattress from them.
Customer Service
Warranty Claims

Posted by Viking A from Irving, TX on September 7, 2010

Starting from the Owned all the way to the employees, everyone is a crook. All they care about is selling; don't know how to talk with customers. My sincere advise don't buy anything from them.
We bought mattress from them a year back, and within a year the boxes have started making sounds every time to lay down on bed and mattress is totally uneven now. We went to avail the warranty, first of all they told us to pay $110 shipping charges later told us to take it to the manufacturer as the warranty is with them. The 10 year warranty they provide is all baloney. And the same thing happened with one of our friends as well. So save your money and time. And when it comes to talking with customers, the most arrogant people I have ever seen, they have no respect for anyone, and talking with the owner Mr Brad was the worst experience of my life.

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