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The store has replaced two defective mattresses quickly and efficiently

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Customer service quickly replaced two defective mattresses.
Customer Service
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Sales person insisted we buy more expensive mattress, which did not live up to her claims that it would last.
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Posted by Beth T from Milwaukee, WI on October 19, 2011

We just received our second replacement mattress. We bought our first Ann River Simmons World class in July 2007; had it replaced in 2009 because it had developed two indentations. The second Ann Rivers developed the same problem after one year. It was just replaced today with a Beautyrest Elite.

Very happy with the store. Just hope this third mattress lasts the warranty.

Comments (6)

Hi, just wondering how deep your indentations were before they replaced it. I have a Simmons also purchased from Boston Store, they had an inspector come out today and he did measure 1 1/2" indents and a 2" indent. The warranty says normal impressions are 1 1/2" or less, so I wonder if the 1 1/2" will quailify or if it needs to be more than 1 1/2" to qualify.

By: Anonymous on September 13, 2012

I don't remember what the indentation measurements were, but both times that I had to have an inspector come, neither one quibbled about the indentation. If one of your indentations was 2", I would guess that is enough, and if necessary, you can point out that one indentation of more than 1.5 inches should be enough to show that the mattress is defective.
On the second mattress, which seemed to go south even faster than the first, it wasn't only the indentations in the center of the mattress but also that one side was showing creases and evidence of breakdown, which the inspector pointed out to me. By the time I asked for the second replacement, the mattress model I had purchased was discontinued and the replacement was a higher grade mattress. So far so good. It's pretty comfortable. I can't tell you want the new model is because I'm out of the country for several weeks. Hope you get satisfaction from Boston Store!

By: Beth T of Milwaukee, WI on September 14, 2012

Whoops, I see that I gave the name of the replacement model in my first posting.

By: Beth T of Milwaukee, WI on September 14, 2012

Thank you for the response. I also have problems with the sides of my mattress moving in. I think those also measure 1 1/2 inches as well, which the inspector thought was enough to replace it as well. I am still waiting to hear back from Boston Store, it's only been 2 business days since the inspector came. Based on other peoples reviews it sounds like the mattress companies look for any reason to deny the warranties. I have no stains and the correct mattress support, so hopefully Boston Store will replace it.

By: Anonymous on September 17, 2012

I just received a call from Boston Store, they are replacing my mattress at no cost and for a higher priced model. I am glad Boston Store stands by their products.

By: Anonymous on September 18, 2012

This is really great to hear. Stores like Boston Store should be rewarded with good reviews. Because the mattresses were substandard, we had the inconvenience of asking for replacements, but at least we were not out the money, which was considerable. Thanks for letting me know.

By: Beth T of Milwaukee, WI on September 18, 2012

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