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Horrible customer service

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Customer Service

Posted by Cam from Pittsburgh, PA on June 7, 2018

We purchased a mattress from Bob’s and when asked if we wanted delivery, we asked if removal of old mattress was included. We were told yes so we got the delivery. After the new mattress was delivered and set up, the delivery guys left the old mattress and box spring in our yard. When I called to ask about it, I was told that yes they remove the old mattress but only if you ask which was not what I was told. The next person I spoke to said yes they will remove the old mattress but not if it has tears which again was not what I was told. Next, I called the Monroeville store and asked if removal of the old mattress was included with mattress delivery and was told yes. I was not given any qualifications. The next person I talked to said that they will not take the old mattress if there are bed bugs which makes sense then told me that was why they didn’t take the mattress. When I asked for proof of this they could not give it. We had an exterminator come immediately and was told there are no bed bugs anywhere. I called the company again and was told that mattress removal was a courtesy and they didn’t have to take it. Again not what I was told. We would not have purchased the overpriced delivery option if it wasn’t for the mattress removal. We were misled from the beginning and it is obvious that employees themselves do not know the actual facts.

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    Wow that is so disrespectful towards any customers present or future some of these companies will say just about anything to make a sale and im sorry to say that even though i have bought from Bob's in the past lately all i have been hearing and reading is all negative stuff from almost all Bob's store's what has happened to them its like now they only care about making money and not caring if the customer walks away happy? and to think i was getting ready to call them to order 2 set's of queen mattress for my son and wife but after all that negative feedback no way in this life time and they should never play games with customers by saying they will remove ur old sets couse if they say yes u don't know how far they will cary them just like they did to that couple and left the old in their yard how unprofessional i would had brought back what i purchased and ask to speak to the manager and said u as a customer was treated badly disrespected and missled just like i tell everyone always get it in writing and if u dont get a straight answer ask for a policy in writing amd if they still give u many excuses then walk away and last thing i recommend report any business like them to the better business bureau and tell ur friends and family to not shop there and also report them as well hope i helped opened ur eyes good luck.

    By: Anonymous on July 7, 2018

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