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Never buy the goof proof plus plan

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Warranty Claims

Posted by Ralph from South Portland, ME on March 16, 2019

Never by the Goof Proof Plus plan. I purchased it on an Item and now it needs repair they tell me they can not and it is not covered. Only real reason they said it was not covered by the manufacture. No kidding that is what the goof proof plan was suppose to cover was things the manufacturer would not. Not only that when I went in to talk to them about it they told me had I stood up on the back of the sofa and damaged it that would have been covered but because it fell apart on it's own it is not covered. Tell me who stands on the back of the sofa, I use mine to sit in. I also have asked for contact info for the store GM and for the regional manger and was told they do not give out that info. Who ever heard of not being able to contact managers at a store. So not real reason just that it would not be covered by the manufacturer so they are not fixing it under the goof proof plan. What is this Goof Proof Plan just the same thing as the Maine Implied Warranty that is also good for five years. Compare the Maine Implied to the goof proof plan before you buy and don't believe them when they tell you it covers everything the manufacturer doesn't.

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