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Insurance Goof Proof is a scam / DO NOT PURCHASE

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Posted by Jamie from Dover, NH on April 7, 2021

I have purchased at least $12,000 worth of furniture through Bob's discount is Seabrook, NH over the years. Each and every-time I bought anything from Bob's the salesmen HIGHLY recommend purchasing the goof proof insurance in the event that something happens to my furniture. Just recently my love seat broke! Still being under the insurance I put in a claim to the 3rd party claims department. I waited weeks to get a response. When I received and email back three weeks later I was informed that my claim had been denied because i didn't give an exact time that it happened. I then called the store manager and explained my situation. He then told me to send in another claim that someone will get back to me. I then put in another claim heard nothing then another claim and still haven't heard anything. I then contacted the store manager again. He said that he will have someone contact me. I have still not heard from anyone. As of right now because a part of my love seat had originally broke and hasn't been fixed the whole thing is not usable. I have to purchase another one. I have a credit card to this store and have only purchased my furniture through this store. I will be shutting down my credit card and I will never purchase another piece of furniture from Bob's. Will all of the purchases and recommendations throughout the years you would think they would have better insurance or better customer service. VERY DISAPPOINTED FORMER CUSTOMER!

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