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  • Service: Very poor
Issue Resolution

Posted by John from Salisbury, MA on April 24, 2019

Bobs furniture in Seabrook, NH is the worst location store. This last year was hell! Their staff members Melissa, Elizabeth, Kathryn and Hailey did absolutely nothing to help us. My wife and I purchased a table and chair set there a few years ago, we also purchased the Goof Proof just in case of accidents. Bobs said the goof proof covered heat marks on the table and manufacturer defects, as well as many other things; apparently this wasn't true. We called in a claim because one of our chairs cracked and there was a heat mark on the table, I wasn't sure what happened because I work a lot; I told them I would have my wife call back. Everything had seemed fine. They had someone come out to check it. Bobs agreed that it had been a manufacturer defect, and sent us the chairs in the wrong color. The delivery guys had thrown our chairs and damaged them, this happened two more times! Bobs charged us $57 for taxes on the replacement furniture that we have not received...where is our refund!? We went to our local Bob's in Seabrook, NH and again everything seemed fine,then we get an email saying they are not covering the table because I told them I would have my wife call back. Um, that is not in the Goof Proof contract! We call ,call, call and call! The next email we got, they say we are not consistent with our claims so there is nothing they can do. HUH?? Nothing you can do? We paid for the Goof Proof and they say that. Every time we spoke to someone whether it was Melissa, Kathryn, Elizabeth, or Hailey they would say they are on top of it and we will get a call back. This goes on for almost a year and none of them ever called us back. Today my wife hit her breaking point, she called again they transferred her to a gentleman named Ralph. He tells her he hasn't heard anything about it! They did not contact the necessary people to help us with this issue since Oct 2018. THERES A LOT MORE THAT WOULD NOT FIT ON HERE

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