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Delivered used floor model instead of new bed we purchased!

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
The owner called and identified himself as “the fu**ing owner” twice.
Customer Service

Posted by Angel from Westfield, NC on June 27, 2020

We have been married for over 32 years and have owned four homes. We have never had a worse experience with any home purchase we have made. We were sold a NEW mattress and bed set and have our receipt to prove it. They delivered a used, damaged mattress which had been the floor model at the entry of the store and the floor display bed set. Their first response was it was just confusion and they would pick it up the next day and find out the date for our mattress to be arriving, Next morning instead of them coming to pick up their used mattress the owner Bryan called and cussed us and told us they could not order that bed and we were stuck with it. Told us we knew we were buying the floor model because they had a sign in that display that said “one and only”. That is not true first of all and they sell their mattresses as bedroom sets and we would not know what that meant anyway. They refuse to refund us our money and come get their mattress from our home. They had the police deliver a Ban Order to us at our home and told us too bad. We paid them cash with our debit card and they do not care about their salesman’s mistake or in making it right. We would have gladly purchased a different mattress from them with full credit applied from the original purchase but now we want a full refund so we can buy elsewhere. These people are awful.

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