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I want my four year old's new bed!

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Posted by Marwan from Milwaukee, WI on August 20, 2014

My wife and I recently decided it was time for our four-year old to upgrade from her toddler bed to a "big-girl" bed. We went to several different stores with her but did not really get the vibe we were looking for. We read about BILTRITE online and were excited about a locally-owned Milwaukee business. We went to take a look and were greeted by extremely knowledgeable staff. Our salesperson understood our budget and the customer (in this case a very rambunctious 4 year old). He showed us several brands and in the end end we went with a Full size King Koil SS 5. We explained that like most four year olds, she has a tendency to use our furniture as a trampoline. He recommended a steel box spring for the extra support. Checking out at any store with children can be difficult, but the staff at the cashier's desk really made the experience smooth and painless (and offering our children cookies was an extra nice touch). When the delivery man came out, he put the mattress, box spring and frame together in less than 5 minutes. I couldn't resist testing out her new mattress and I have to admit that I was a bit jealous. I even commented to the delivery man and my wife that I wanted a new bed too. Although right now we are not in market for a new mattress, I know where we will be shopping from now on.

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