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DO NOT expect customer service.Expect small claims court .

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Posted by Grace from Saratoga Springs, NY on July 26, 2018

They do not care about you as a customer. The cushions on my sectional started to lose the firmness within 20 days. they sent out their "technician" they said in small claims court that the technician found no problem. None of the cushions match and it feels like you're sitting on an old worn out bumpy pillow. Our case was adjourned to next month ( now I have a sectional for three months that I cannot sit on) they also said it's not a warantee problem, but the manufacturer , Klausner furniture, said it is a warantee problem.but they cannot deal with my problem because Bennington Furniture is their client not me, If Bennington Furniture takes the couch back. Then Klausner would be able to deal with the problem. I guess Bennington is not doing well since they would rather go to court than make a customer satisfied. DO NOT DEAL WITH BENNINGTON FURNITURE needless to say I am very stressed out. I can't wait to go to a reputable furniture store and get a new couch. OH, by the way Bennington representative general manager,JACI Terrill said that "you should expect settling (sagging) with any foam product especially if you sit on it."
DONT BUY A MATTRESS FROM THEM EiTHER especially if there is foam in it.

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