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Buyers beware: common decency! We ordered furniture from ...

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Posted by Jon from Marietta, OH on October 21, 2021

Buyers beware: common decency! We ordered furniture from Belpre furniture on 2/6/21 from Diana. We were told at that time that this would not be delivered until late May to early June. We called in June to get an update for delivery. We were told it is pushed out until July. We called in July. Diana said it's in production, probably have it in a couple weeks. We called in August. Looks like September delivery. My wife asked if we can get our money back. We were told NO it's in production. We call in September. Looks like October for sure. My wife and I go to Belpre furniture yesterday and ask for our money back. We were again told it's in production. I said you told us that in July, I won't our money back. Sir, we can't give you your money back. I asked where in production is it. Diana said she would call and find out. 20 minutes later she says the fabric has been cut and maybe MAYBE November. I asked for our money back again. Nope, store policy. OK let me speak with someone else. There is no body else to talk too. Diana says I can call lazy boy and get a status??? Umm didn't you just do that?
Can I call you later today. I said please do.
Diana called a couple hours later. There is NOTHING we can do and sir we don't have stock right now and we wouldn't be able to re sell this set!!!! What?? So you're saying you have no stock to sell. You have people coming in to buy furniture and you wouldn't be able to sell this set when it comes in?? SIR nobody has stock right now. I said oh I beg to differ! I can have furniture delivered by the end of the week. I need my money back to be able to purchase it. Sorry sir story policy. I said again let me speak to a manager. Sir they won't talk to you. Only the sales person can speak with you. SO, I don't want to hear "shop local, shop small business" at least another furniture company had the decency to call after three months and say " sorry we don't know when your item will be in, please come get your money. Belpre furniture you SUCK!

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