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Posted by Susan from Westbury, NY on July 18, 2021

I always love to support smaller local stores in my neighborhood. What a BIG MISTAKE supporting this store was! A few years ago I purchased a tempur pedic bed from them, spent over $4000.... The first delivery they tried to pass off a different and cheaper base than what I purchased. The delivery guy also felt it was fine for him to sit on my new mattress with his dirty clothes and bounce around!

Then after discussing it with one of the owners, he was going to replace the base with the tempur pedic that I paid for (found out this year he did not give me a queen but a double...big problem)

The delivery guys were the same guys. The one apparently angry that I told his boss he was bouncing on my bed.... He was angry that he had to wait a bit until I was home from work (which the owner agreed to)

When I told them just to be careful and not bring the rusted wheeled dolly in the bedroom for I had just put down new wood floors..... the delivery guy began to scream at me at the top of his lungs! Then he went outside on my front lawn to call the owner (as I did the same in my home) and was making a horrific scene on my front lawn! Eventually he came back in to complete the job (but took all the batteries out of all of the remotes in my room and threw them in my closet .... some landing in shoes I found months later)

After posting what had occurred the second owner called me and pleaded with me to take down the bad review. He offered a $200 gift card to a restaurant I never heard of and was stating that the delivery guy had an autistic child (he appealed to the teacher in me) I did not take the gift card but took down the incident .........

I need to note that I was NEVER TOLD that with tempur pedic you could return the bed within a month. My top mattress is bigger than the base and has to constantly be positioned because of the smaller sized base they gave me! Just a horrible experience all around ...... with my medical needs I have suffered since purchasing a bed from them!

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    I forgot to add that I purchased a Queen and I just found out after ordering Linen sheets that the bed is a double ...... yet was charged for a Queen Bed and Base .... absolutely disgraceful

    By: Susan of Westbury, NY on September 16, 2021

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