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Posted by Alice F from Biloxi, MS on March 21, 2012

WE had a great interaction in the store.  We purchased the bed but was not told about the warranty for stains until the sale was printed and explained.  Then we purchased the $150 mattress cover.  The problem came with the IBC manufacturer's claims regarding how cool the Dr. Breus's Signature mattress was and that was a big selling point for us living on the Gulf Coast.  The reality was that the mattress interrrupted both my cold natured husband and my good night sleep repeatedly since we got it 3 months ago.  We were suppose to work through the mattress cover issue where it was a new product but that fell through as usual.  Promises made and broken a few times along with excuses for not following through.  Overall, bad mattress, poor customer service and poor manufacturing customer service.  What a rip off at over $3500 for a bed set!

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